Nursery Paint Ideas

When it comes to decorating for your new baby, nursery paint ideas are one of the first things to consider. Here are 9 nursery paint techniques you’ll love! Some of them allow you to add color to a room in a subtle and more neutral way, while other paint ideas are super bold and daring!

Nursery Paint Ideas

Nursery Paint Ideas You’ll Love

1. Paint 3/4 of the wall

Here is a GORGEOUS nursery that Brady Tolbert designed for his neice featuring Stokke furniture. He painted 3/4 of the wall her favorite color pink, and he left the top 1/4th white. This painting technique gives the room the illusion of extra height, and it helps the pink to be a little less overwhelming… Well done Brady! You have one lucky neice 🙂

You can find Brady’s pictures, sources, and a fun read on Emily Henderson’s blog as well as at

nursery paint idea - Design by Brady Tolbert via

Design by Brady Tolbert via

2. Paint the Ceiling Instead of the Walls

Painting the ceiling is another nursery painting technique that will allow you to keep the color the room a bit more subtle. Check this nursery with a beautiful pink ceiling on 100 layer cakelet photographed by Lauren Ann Photography. The pink ceiling adds a feminine touch without being overbearing.

painted nursery ceiling 100 layer cakelet

Nursery photos by Lauren Ann Photography via 100 Layer Cakelet

This nursery by Lindsay Mens Craig combines both techniques. She used wall paper on the top 20 inches of the wall,  and then she painted below the chair rail. For more stunning pictures and great decorating advice visit Sarah Richardson’s site here.

sarah richardson design

nursery by Lindsay Mens Craig via Sarah Richardson Design

3. Use Painters Tape to Create a Feature Wall

I absolutely adore this room by Jenni at I Spy DIY. She used painters tape to create an arrow accent wall! I love this technique because you can create a design that is large, medium or small scale… The options are endless!

i spy diy arrow nursery wall

i spy diy arrow nursery wall

4. Paint Geometric Shapes

This picture from Studio Picco on Etsy shows how geometric shapes can be absolutely perfect in a monochrome nursery! I love how they used their wall decals in the white section!cross wall decals on etsy studio picco

4. Create a Herringbone Accent Wall

There are so many nursery paint ideas using painters tape!!! Morgan Satterfield of The Brick House created a herring bone accent wall for this fantastic nursery! Once again, there are so many versions of this technique, so you can create the wall that is perfect for your space.



Herringbone accent wall by

Herringbone accent wall by Morgan Satterfield of

5. Paint the Closet

I recently featured Monika Hibb’s beautiful nursery closet in a post about beautiful closets for babies. She used wall paper in the room, but she painted the closet.  If you want to add some color, but you don’t want to paint the whole room, consider painting the closet.

Monika Hibbs Nursery Baby Closet

Monika Hibbs Nursery Baby Closet

6. Paint a Striped Wall

This nursery for Baby A. on apartment therapy features a striped wall. The stripes provide a background for the gallery wall

painted stripe nursery apartment therapy

painted stripe nursery apartment therapy

7. Create a Mountain Wall Mural

I love Mountain Nurseries! There are so many ways to paint mountains, but here is a mountain nursery I love!

Diego's Mountain Nursery by Lorena of Bloguettes | Photo by Melissa Jill

Diego’s Mountain Nursery by Lorena of Bloguettes | Photo by Melissa Jill

8. Paint with Spiky Brush Strokes

This edgy nursery from YouthfulNest certainly has one of the most interesting painted walls I have ever seen! She started at the baseboard and used a paintbrush to paint upward ending with a spiky stroke.


Where-the-Sidewalk-Ends-Nursery-by youthful nest

Where-the-Sidewalk-Ends-Nursery-by youthful nest

9. Use a Sharpie or Paint Pen to Create an Accent Wall

I would have never known that painting a wall with a Sharpie or Paint pen was even possible, but this post on preparing for peanut explains exactly how its done! Definitely check it out along with Finn’s nursery reveal to see how the whole room turned out. NurseryArrowWall-Complete2

Well, that’s it for me, but if you have any nursery paint ideas feel free to comment below. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts 🙂

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