Peaceful Nursery Ideas from Luke's Nursery

Neutral and Calming Color Palette for Luke's Peaceful Nursery

When I think of a peaceful nursery, THIS is what comes to mind! Liane Jackson of Thy Faithfulness has graciously shared pictures of the nursery she created for her long-awaited firstborn son, Luke. While I've shared other nurseries on previous blogs in the past, I have never written about a room designed by someone I know so well... Liane and I were college roommates, and it is truly a joy to share Luke's nursery with you. 

5 Peaceful Nursery Ideas from Luke's Nursery

1. Choose a Neutral and Soothing Color Palette

I love the warm cream-colored walls paired with crisp white furniture, and the simple gray curtains and rug. Liane is an incredibly down-to-earth and genuine person, and I feel that the simplicity of this color scheme fits her personality perfectly.  Without a doubt, the neutral colors of this nursery create a serene and peaceful space.

2. Minimize Clutter 

There is evidence that clutter affects stress levels.  I  know from experience that there is nothing worse than not being able to find the thermometer or pacifier when trying to soothe a fussy baby. Fortunately for baby Luke, Liane is very neat. I imagine that Luke's nursery is just as neat on a daily basis as it is in these pictures. A clean space is so relaxing, and this space is no exception. 

perfect nursery organization in Luke's peaceful nursery

On a side note, I will say that living with me as a freshman probably prepared Liane well for the messes she will likely encounter during Luke's toddler years :) 

3. Create a Comfortable Reading Nook

As a mom of three, I feel that the nursery chair is probably the most important element of the nursery. Moms spend countless hours nursing, reading, and accidentally falling asleep in the nursery chair with their babies. I love that Liane's nursery chair is situated right next to a light, burp cloths and books. 

A comfortable reading nook in a simple and serene nursery

4. Add Various Textures

The stuffed bear, the baskets, the blankets, and the rug all add a variety of textures to this room. The various textures are soothing and calming, and they will give sweet Luke plenty of things to touch and feel which is so helpful for healthy development.

 5. Meaningful Pictures and Decor

There is something and peaceful about enjoying pictures of precious moments spent with your baby and/or reflecting on meaningful, calming words. Regardless of whether you nurse or bottle feed, there will be many quiet moments spent in the nursery. It is easy for thoughts to wander. Having images that evoke peaceful and meaningful thoughts will be encouraging.

Micah 6-8 Nursery Art

I created this art print for Liane, her husband Matt and their sweet baby Luke.  It was a joy to create, and I will probably write my thoughts on the verse soon. 

Peaceful Nursery Ideas I love!

I hope all of you enjoyed touring Luke's nursery, and you found to find some ideas for creating a peaceful nursery of your own. If you would like to see more pictures of this serene nursery and view her list of sources, visit Liane's blog. I know you will absolutely love her!

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