Olivia's Cozy Scandinavian Nursery

baby girl nursery

This cozy, Scandinavian nursery belongs to one of the sweetest little girls I've ever met - my niece!!! When my sister Kari moved from the states to Norway, I knew she would design amazing spaces that merge design trends from both cultures. Together, she and her husband Thomas blended both Norwegian and American styles in this beautiful nursery for their daughter Olivia.

Scandinavian Nursery - Ikea crib, terracotta accent wall, Ikea chair

Olivia's beautiful nursery is an expression of the family’s personality. They are warm and inspiring. While most Nordic design relies a bit more heavily on neutral colors, Kari added an accent wall to make the room cozy and bright.  She painted three walls white and chose a terra cotta color to perfectly match the rug and pillows. 

Kari also included meaningful artwork to express her heart for Olivia.  Proverbs 31:25 hangs over Olivia's changing table, and the phrase "Explore New Places, Try New Things" decorates the crib wall.

Scandinavian Nursery - minimal clutter and functional design.

Since Olivia is 1/2 Norwegian, it is only fitting that this nursery has all of the elements of Scandinavian design. First and foremost, Olivia's nursery has minimal clutter and a functional design. It is full of open space where she can play.  Since Kari chose to keep the room relatively minimalistic, many of the items she chose to add are sentimental. The wooden, white rocking chair belonged to Kari as a child, and the dress hanging on the shelf is one that Olivia's grandmother made.

Scandinavian Nursery - white walls, wooden shelf and wooden crib

This nursery also has a wonderful sense of hygge. The cozy rug covering the Ikea rocking chair adds an element of warmth, which is much needed during the cold winter months. The pillows, blanket and rug also add a variety of textiles and make the room comfortable and welcoming.

Scandinavian Nursery - white Ikea rocking chair covered with a cozy throw

Olivia’s nursery contains many wooden elements, which is also typical of Scandinavian design. The dresser, shelves, flooring and crib are all wooden. These wood elements are left unpainted so that the wood grains show through and give the room a natural feel. 


Scandinavian Nursery - white walls, wooden dresser and shelves, simple accents

The sheer white curtains let in plenty of light, and the plants bring nature and life into the nursery. 

Scandinavian Nursery - open and airy with natural light and plants
This nursery turned out to be absolutely beautiful!!! I just wish I could travel to Norway more often and sit in that rocking chair with my sweet little niece!

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