Our Gray Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Gray Modern Farmhouse Exterior - Gray Siding, White Trim, Black Roof
by Kelly Ashton / photography by Creative Revolver
As Seen In City Scope Magazine


Today, I'm excited to share the exact colors and details of our gray modern farmhouse exterior. We live in a cozy, family-centered town in the mountains of Tennessee. Nearly two years ago, we built our home on land that we share with my parents. Our goal was to create a place where we could be together as a family in a community that we love. So far it has been the perfect place to call home. 

Gray Farmhouse Exterior Color Scheme - Dorian Gray Siding, Pure White Trim, Dual Black Shingles, Matte Black Metal Roofing

Gray Modern Farmhouse Exterior 

Traditionally farmhouses are white, and the original house plan we chose called for a white house with black windows. While we love that look, we wanted something a little different.  We felt like a gray farmhouse exterior would look beautiful in our mountain setting. 

Help Choosing an Exterior Paint Color

The building process is full of decisions! By far, the most difficult decisions for me were regarding colors and materials on the outside of our home. I spent forever looking for something that I could copy. When I didn't find a gray farmhouse color scheme that I felt was fool proof, I consulted Catherine Fore Design.  This is the process of choosing exterior colors that we used.

Consider Your Other Building Materials First

We started by considering the color and undertone of all of our other building materials before we chose the exact shade of gray we wanted to use on the siding.

Catherine said there are thousands of paint colors and significantly fewer options for roof, stone, and window colors. We knew we'd have a ton of flexibility with the paint. Choosing the other materials first helped us narrow down our choices. Plus, shingles and windows are installed much earlier in the building process. Painting happens later.

First, we chose the color of the roof. For the shingles, we chose IKO Cambridge Dual Black. Catherine said that black is one of the easier roof colors to match. Many other shingle colors have undertones that need to be considered when choosing  paint. For example, if we chose a brown roof with red undertones, we would want to stay away from gray paint colors with green undertones.  Black, on the other hand, pairs well with most colors regardless of that color's undertone. We felt like choosing black would give us more options down the road. 

Once we chose black shingles, we also chose matte black metal roofing and gutters to incorporate the farmhouse aesthetic. Farmhouses exteriors typically have standing seam metal roofing. 

Next we picked the windows. The architect who designed the plan, decided on the size of the windows, so all we had to do was decide the color. Since we knew we wanted a gray farmhouse with white trim, white windows were the obvious choice.

Lastly we chose General Shale Honey Suckle stone. While farmhouse exteriors can include brick or stone, we felt a stone foundation was more appropriate for a mountain farmhouse. 

Finally, after we chose all of our other building materials, it was time to pick the paint. 

Choosing Trim Colors to Sample

We started with the trim color. Catherine wisely suggested that we sample the trim color next to the windows. There was only one shade of white available for our windows, but many shades of white paint available for the trim. We wanted to avoid shades of white paint that looked yellow or blue in comparison to the shade of the white windows. So once the windows were installed, we bought several different shades of white and sampled them on the trim. We loved both SW Alabaster and SW Pure White, but we ended up choosing SW Pure White.

Choosing a Gray Exterior Colors to Sample

After we chose most everything else, we worked on choosing the specific shade of gray. For the exterior we chose to sample Repose Gray, Dorian Gray, and Mindful Gray. We painted samples of each color on each side of the house and checked them at various times in the day. It was amazing how different each color looked as the natural light changed throughout the day! We finally decided on Dorian Gray for the cement siding. 

The one thing we did choose after the paint color was the stain for the wooden front doors and porch furniture. They are stained a 50/50 mix of Provincial and Special Walnut. I love having some wood grains to add warmth and make our house more inviting. 

We really love the way everything came together! The process of choosing colors was overwhelming but in the end, we are very happy with all of the choices we made. This has been the perfect place for us to put down family roots. 



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