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Nursery Paint Ideas You'll Love-01

Nursery Paint Ideas

When it comes to decorating for your new baby, nursery paint ideas are one of the first things to consider. Here are 9 nursery paint techniques you’ll love! Some of them allow you to add color to a room in a subtle and more neutral way, while other paint ideas are super bold and daring! […]

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Beautiful Closets for Babies

Beautiful Closets for Babies

Nursery Trend Alert – Beautiful closets for babies are on the rise! It seams like many of the latest nurseries feature stunning closets… Why not? Baby clothes are the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. Displaying them in a perfectly organized, yet artistic closet is a great idea. Beautiful Closets for Babies Here are some of […]

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simple white laundry room with letter board and plants

ORC Spring 2017 Laundry Room Reveal

Well… I FINALLY made it to the ORC Spring 2017 Laundry Room Reveal. Now, I have a simple, white laundry room and the whole process feels totally worth it! Thanks so much to Linda from Calling it Home for organizing this event. I feel so pleased with the results! Now my laundry room is a […]

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My New Woven Vinyl Rug

My New Woven Vinyl Rug

Well… It’s quite possible that I will be the very last person to link up for week 5 of theĀ One Room Challenge. I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator, so I am truly thankful for deadlines and events like the One Room Challenge that keep pushing me forward. I don’t have many new […]

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How to Hide a Hot Water Heater - ORC week 4-01

How to Hide a Hot Water Heater

One Room Challenge Week 4 For those of you who don’t know, I am participating in the One Room Challange hosted by Linda at Calling it Home. This past week I FINALLY tackled the issue of the hot water heater. For weeks now, I have been trying to figure out how to hide a hot […]

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laundry room update-01

Laundry Room Update

Well this has been quite a week! I’ve made some progress on our One Room Challenge laundry room update, but I spent most of the week celebrating family milestones. First, the doctor cleared my husband to put weight on his foot which means that he is officially halfway through the 12 week recovery from his […]

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shared room by youthfulnest-01

Shared Room by Youthful Nest

I LOVE when siblings share a room! There is something so precious about listening to the little conversations that happen after bedtime. Our 3 yr old and 5 yr old sons share a room, and they talk right up until falling asleep… and then Kai continues to talk to Barrett in his sleep. It’s hilarious! […]

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White Laundry Room Ideas-01

white laundry room ideas

Welcome back! For those of you who don’t know, I am currently participating in the One Room Challenge. Twice every year, Linda from Calling it Home challenges bloggers to totally transform a room in 6 weeks. This time around, I have chosen to tackle our family laundry room. Matt and I have three small children […]

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