Beautiful Closets for Babies

Nursery Trend Alert – Beautiful closets for babies are on the rise! It seams like many of the latest nurseries feature stunning closets… Why not? Baby clothes are the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. Displaying them in a perfectly organized, yet artistic closet is a great idea.

Beutiful Closets for Babies-01

Beautiful Closets for Babies

Here are some of my favorite nursery closets. Each closet has its own unique color scheme and beautiful storage.

Beautiful Closet by Oksana of

Beautiful Closet by Oksana of and Closet Maid

Oksana of and ClosetMaid designed an amazing closet! This closet is so beautiful that Oksana was able to remove the closet doors and use the space for a nursery chair. You can see the entire nursery reveal here. Definitely check it out… It’s gorgeous!

Monika Hibbs Nursery Baby Closet

Monika Hibbs Nursery Baby Closet

Here is a super popular nursery closet by Monika Hibbs! I love how she used a beautiful free-standing clothes rack that is just the right height for a little one! The pink walls coordinate perfectly with the wall paper, and the floating shelves are beautiful.

Beautiful Closet by Lora of

Beautiful Closet by Lora of

Here is another beautiful closet by Lora of Craftivity Designs. The coordinating boxes are just perfect! I can’t wait to read more about the closet in future posts.

Ali Fedotowsky's beautiful baby closet

Ali Fedotowsky’s beautiful baby closet by L.A. Closet Design

Of course Ali Fedotowsky’s baby closet is just perfect! Lisa Adams from L.A. Closet Design designed it. It’s absolutely stunning!


For my own little girl, I have a really simple form of nursery organization. Even though it is not as beautiful, it has stayed organized throughout her first 18 months. On the other hand, my sons’ shared closet is a scary nightmare!!! Maybe one day I will give one of these professional closet companies a call.

In the meantime, what are your best closet tips and tricks?  I could use them 🙂


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